8 Benefits of Working from Home as a Parent

Working from home has its advantages.

Working from home has both benefits and drawbacks, but the advantages typically outweigh the drawbacks for most people. While a job’s path, office layout, and childcare arrangements may vary wildly, telecommuters’ motives for working at home are more constant.

1. Spend More Time With Your Children

Working from home allows you to be a part of your children’s daily activities, not just early mornings, late nights, and weekends. You can take a lunch break with your toddler, listen to all of the day’s news when they get home from school, and much more. Working-at-home parents do not have limitless time with their kids, but they do have additional opportunities to interact with them. Working from home also eliminates the need for childcare for children under the age of six.

2. Increase or Maintain Your Income

Working at home may help to return parents with children ease back into the workforce. While working from home, you might do consulting work or start a business while still keeping your regular parenting approach. Working parents who switch from an out-of-home office to telecommuting can continue to make money while spending more time at home and saving on many workplace expenses.

3. Give Up the Commute

You’re not working while you travel to work. Working from home eliminates this waste of time, allowing you to spend more time working and with your family. Commuting is not only a pain, but it’s also expensive in many cities. You’ll save money on gas, public transportation fees, and potential vehicle maintenance issues from frequent usage by working at home.

4. Work Flexible Hours

Although self-employed people typically have greater flexibility than telecommuters, both are able to control their schedules more. Many who work from home like to start working early in the morning or after the children have gone to bed. This freedom allows you to run errands during the day and go wherever you want without worrying about losing pay time off from your job.

5. Gain a Sense of Control

With the time saved by working from home, you may make time for yourself and your family. Self-employed individuals, in particular, feel a sense of control over their own destiny, but telecommuting employees who manage home and work responsibilities more effectively feel more balanced. Working at home also allows you to earn an income that can help you afford items that you otherwise would not be able to do so.

6. Save Money on Childcare Costs

Some parents who work at home, depending on their jobs and the age of their children, may be able to make a decent living with part-time or no outside childcare. Calculate how much care you’ll need and what kind of care it will be, then include that in your budget.

7. Escape the Office’s Social Dynamics

This is a lose-lose situation. Some individuals who work from home miss the social aspects of an office environment, while others are distracted by superfluous meetings, social gatherings, or unscheduled chitchat at the water cooler and lose time away from their families.

8. Save Money on Clothes and Lunches

Working from home, while not ideal, will likely save you money on work clothing because you’ll be wearing less formal attire. Unless you packed your own lunch (if so, that’s one chore off your plate), the amount you spend on lunches and coffee breaks will go down.

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