Weekend Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Whether you need a flexible method to make more money or simply want a part-time job that allows you to work around your normal 9-to-5, there are several part-time weekend jobs available!

1. Writer or Proofreader

If you have any writing or grammar expertise, there are hundreds of writing and proofreading opportunities available to you from your laptop on lazy Sundays. You could conduct a simple Google search for “editing services” and find at least half a dozen firms that require competent writers and editors.

2. Tutor or SAT Prep Coach

If you still have your SAT scores up on the wall or if you possess genuine math, reading, or grammatical abilities, you may be able to work as an SAT prep instructor or tutor part-time. With today’s technology (Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype), this is even easier than it sounds. You may need to get out of your pyjamas and into something more formal. You can also tell your friends on Facebook and LinkedIn about it.

3. Transcription Services

I know several medical transcriptionists. The wonder is that they may make money on their time, even during football games on Saturdays. If you aren’t interested in going through the training necessary for medical transcription, you can do basic transcription instead. Because you are typically paid by the audio hour or minute, you’ll need to be able to type fast and correctly.

4. Short Term Freelance Projects

If you want variety, consider performing one-time projects or odd jobs on a freelance website like Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour.com. Take a look at the tasks that interest you and bid to complete them (including your desired “weekends only timeline”). In addition to making money, it’s a lot of fun!

5. Paid Surveys

Taking paid surveys online is one of the most adaptable methods to store some spare cash in your free time. There’s no penalty; simply log in when you have downtime and participate as often as possible. While taking surveys won’t make you rich, it’s a fantastic way to supplement your income while you’re browsing Facebook! The majority of surveys pay between $1 and $10 for each 15-minute survey, but certain sites pay up to $100 or more.

6. Short Tasks

Short tasks are exactly what they imply; they’re short! Even with the most hectic of schedules, you can complete these activities. It’s entirely up to you and your area of expertise as to what kind of duties you accept. You could be performing anything from evaluating internet advertisements and search results to transcribing or translating videos depending on which short task site you join.

7. Website Testing

Companies will pay a premium for reliable website evaluations. You’ll browse business websites and give comments (usually via audio or video recording) on things like usability, speed, and responsiveness as a website tester. Website testing jobs generally pay between $10 and $25 per 5- to 25-minute test. These jobs come and go rapidly, so sign up for more than one site to get the most out of it!

8. Virtual Assistant

The wonderful thing about working as a Virtual Assistant is that the scope of work you can perform is almost limitless. If there’s a line of work you’re interested in or a particular skill you possess, you may probably offer it as a VA service. Social media management, inbox management, and calendar management are some of the most common VA services, which can all be done on weekends or while your kids are sleeping!

9. Customer Service

If you’re looking for a schedule, many contact centres are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Weekend employees are always in demand, so if you have one, we’ll find someone to fill it.

10. On-Demand Jobs

You can generate money on weekends by completing on-demand tasks if you don’t mind leaving home. In major metropolitan areas, gig workers are in high demand, so there are projects available every day of the week!


Part-time weekend jobs are an excellent method to get your toes wet in the world of work-at-home, start working in a new market or make some extra cash on the side. Whatever your reasons for doing so, I hope this list has been useful!

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